WIreless/Ethernet Low Latency (30ms ~ 50ms) Full HD Encoding & Streaming by H.264 & H.265 

WiMi8200: 50ms End-to-end Latency with HEVC 4:2:2 10bit Encoding/Decoding over Wireless/LAN/IP

WiMi5200A, WiMi5150A: 30ms End-to-end Latency with H.264 Encoding/Decoding over Wireless 

WiMi5300A, WiMi5560: 20ms End-to-end Latency with H.264 Encoding/Decoding Over LAN/IP 

WiMi6220: 80ms End-to-end Latency with H.264 Encoding/Decoding Wireless/LAN/IP 

Radio Coverage of all WiMi series: Maximum 1,500m (5,000ft) at a line of sight


- WiMi1100 LAN to Wireless Bridge & Repeater: For making a line of sight or extending wireless coverage up to 2.4km (8,000ft)

- WiMi1000 Repeater: For making a line of sight or extending wireless coverage up to 2.4km (8,000ft)